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Jazz & Musical Dance Class

This class will introduce the students to the exciting world of Jazz and Theatre Dance. Classes will cover the fundamentals of these two dance styles with basic dance steps and terminology. Students will focus on proper body placement, technical exercises and finishing each class with an exciting dance combination that will incorporate style and technique. (No previous dance training required.)


Broadway Song & Dance

The objective of this class is to achieve simultaneous skills in singing and dancing. Students will learn different musical theatre dance styles and how to connect the acting and emotions of the song with the choreography. A great class that gives the students an opportunity to apply and combine skills acquired in singing and dance classes in practical manner.


Musical Scene Study

Musical Scene Study is a continuation in exploration and strengthening of various acting techniques and their applications through scene study, with an emphasis on simultaneous singing and acting performance skills.


Enlightened dancing class for children

This course aims to develop children’s interest in dancing through music, songs, games and stories. It inspires children’s imagination, sense of rhythm and improves children’s listening and thinking skills. Also, it will enhance children’s sense of balance, musicality and physical coordination skills and help with the growth of muscle through the simple dancing steps.

Content--To train musicality, listening and rhythm through music. To learn English vocabulary – such as colors, shapes, vehicles, animals, seasons, etc…To train children’s muscles, eye-hand and body coordination; cooperation learning through dancing games.


Children’s ballet classes (for examination)

Promote the balanced development of bones and muscles form through music. Let thechildren feel the rhythm of the music and also enrich their creativity and possibility. Let students to experience different music forms and promote their brain development.

This course based on the Russian (Vaganova) Method of classical ballet, according to the examination syllabus of the “Australian Conservatoire of Ballet” and the “Royal Academy of Dance”to help students to register for the exam.

Kids Jazz / Ballet Dance Class

Teachers will introduce easy & fun exercises to the kids in order for them to better understand musicals, dancing and theatrical. This course will provide a foundation for the children & will enhance their potential in the arts as well as build their character.

Ballet class for Adult

Through in-class practice, students learn the elegant deportment which can also help to maintain physical fitness, flexibility and builds muscles.

Using designed syllabus, step by step leading students to have a taste of ballet. (Students reach to a certain standard may register for the examination.)